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Stationery for your business, just a click away!

Letterhead design, business cards and stationery for corporate identity, created by 31400 designers

Letterhead and business card design in a few hours

If your business needs branding, needs a proper corporate identity (or CI). To achieve that, corporate letterheads, business cards and envelopes are capital. Our design community will submit proposals within project's first hours. Give proper feedback about what do you like and what don't. You'll just buy the one you like most.

You set the price of your stationery

The minimum prize is 100 €. Of course, the more money you offer, the more attention you'll attract to your stationery design project. Start your project now for just 32 € and allow every creative participate on your project.
Questions regarding letterhead pricing and briefing? We are pleased to help.

Not happy with your letterhead and stationery proposals? Money back!

We trust our community's design quality! If you end your project without a winning stationery design, you'll get your money back.

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Contest samples for letterhead, stationery, envelopes and corporate identity

Marketing agency for luxury brands
Corporate stationery for a services company
Letterheads, faxheads, business cards for office
Business cards and stationery for crafts enterprise
Business cards for fashion online portal
300 € guaranteed! In 20 days, 68 proposals from 37 designers.

Your business cards have to be chic enough for a fashion portal. A great idea: workers playing models.

Designer: ebp

Start your own contest for business cards and stationery - so easy



Register for free at 12designer (it's really quick, promised).

Publish your project:

Create your project as "New project" in the "Business cards, stationery" category. Prepare your brief and set your prize.

Your project is running:

Rate and comment all received stationery proposals. Your feedback is important to adapt the proposal to your letterhead and ci wishes and needs.

Your project is over:

Decide which is your favorite stationery idea and choose it as winner: with payment, you're receiving design's unlimited rights of use. If you don't like any design, you have no obligation of buying one.
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Our most active stationery creatives

Hendra Fitriadi Expert

Member since 23.11.2012
Hendra Fitriadi


Projects: Logo (4) , Web design (0) , Illustration (0) , Other (0) , ...
8 winning designs, 219 designs for 25 projects

miki Expert

Member since 28.06.2009
Las Palmas-Taipei-Valencia-Barcelona, Spain


Industry: Just another graphic designer

Projects: Logo (408) , Web design (107) , Illustration (6) , Other (8) , ...
68 winning designs, 3789 designs for 611 proj...

Timkus Expert

Member since 13.08.2011
Göteborg, Sweden

 I have been in the advertising/graphic design profession for over 13 years and have been personally working with many leading corporate companies globally....

Industry: Worked for some of the leading brandnames out there in this competitive world

Projects: Logo (34) , Web design (13) , Illustration (0) , Other (1) , ...
10 winning designs, 253 designs for 64 projects

graficdesing Expert

Member since 09.01.2013


Projects: Logo (119) , Web design (0) , Illustration (0) , Other (3) , ...
11 winning designs, 561 designs for 134 projects

mfurqan81 Senior

Member since 21.12.2012
karachi, Pakistan

 I am professional web and Graphic Designer....

Projects: Logo (25) , Web design (0) , Illustration (0) , Other (0) , ...
2 winning designs, 110 designs for 29 projects

datrix Expert

Member since 18.06.2009

 Soy interiorista gráfica principalmente, aunque me gusta realizar trabajos de todo tipo, desde diseño gráfico hasta proyectos de arquitectura. (editorial, web, publicitario, mer......

Projects: Logo (88) , Web design (0) , Illustration (0) , Other (7) , ...
9 winning designs, 243 designs for 110 projects
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