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White Wine Label

Industry: Finca Son Bosch


The Santa Catarina Winery is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of Mallorca. Nestled between the rolling Tramuntana Mountains it offers a perfect place to hold an event, come for a tasting or just enjoy a glass of our wine. Our wines use both indigenous varieties and International Varieties and because we are in a zone called “Vi de La Terra” in Mallorca, it means we can be slightly more experimental with our blends. We are adding a new white wine to our portfolio. It is a one hundred percent chardonnay and has spent noticeable time in oak. This is a somewhat unheard of concept in Spanish wines and so we want to launch this wine with a label that shows it to be modern but without losing the essence of quality nor relation to the concept of wine. (Ie something too modern that people cannot associate with wine will not work for us.) It will be a relatively high-end wine, and we would like it to break a little with the traditional and classical art labels we have used in the past. This wine is made from a white wine grape and so I think we need to avoid the use of heavy dark colours (and perhaps even pink) and red as it will create confusion as to the personality of the wine. It is a heavy wine, but very well balanced and with noticeable wood influence. It is a golden colour and tropical fruit flavours such as bananas and melons are what dominate the body of the wine as well as the smokiness from the wood. It has a citrus element to it and a creamy texture on the palate.
Our competition will be firstly any other winery on the island who uses modern art or design to illustrate their white wine bottles or indeed who creates a single varietal oaked chardonnay. Since 2004 we have belonged to the Macia Batle Winery, but we still operate as two very separate concepts and they are in another wine producing area with limited more stringent rules. They use modern art for their limited edition wines and reservas. This is a line that we will hope to continue in the future. We are very aware of the importance of a wine label in choosing a wine and as chardonnay is very often associated with women. However we would like to create an androgenous label appealing to both men and women.

Client information

La Bodega Santa Catarina is a small business indepently run from Macia Batle, to whom it has been linked since 2004, and with an incredible “family-feel” element to it. With an International Staff of native German, English and Spanish speakers it has the potential to reach out to key markets and offer a professional and bespoke service without losing its personal approach and friendliness.

Desired formats: PDF

The wine bottle will be in a "burgundy" style bottle, so the label will be short and wide rather than long and rectangular. (for more info please contact)

Target audience

This wine is aimed at a public who are willing to spend a little more on their bottles of wine than the average “house wine”. They will either buy it because they have a vested and high interest in wine and good wine, or because they like the label, which tends to be another reason. These tend to be young middle aged or older professionals or indeed retired people but with money to spend and a greater interest in wine.

I like these, because...

In particular her painting "cata de vinos" and " drop by dop" which show a modern take on a wine label without losing the connection between the wine itself