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iPhone icon design: Let's Call - The iPhone App that keeps you in contact with business and friends

Industry: Mobile Applications


The App
Caller-App manages your call lists and helps to keep in touch with your friends and business partners by telephone. Set call lists from your address book, be reminded of phone calls and call your business partners with a single click directly from the app. You can also schedule telephone appointments with your friends and business partners directly from the app. See www.app.net/callerapp to get an impression about how the App looks like.

The Task
Rework the existing icon to make it more "sexy" - the App is taylored to private customers and business people like headhunters, consultants, sales executives etc.
The icon needs to be "sexy" and "staid", so that both customer groups are attracted.

A green color might be good for communication services App as in the What'sApp messenger or Apple iPhone's telephone app.

The graphics should be very clear and reduced.

Client information

I'm the founder and managing partner running a start-up developing productivity applications that make life easier and are fun to use.

Desired formats: PNG

Icon will be submitted to Apple AppStore and show up as an icon on the iPhone when the App is installed

Supporting information

Target audience


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