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Naming for new IT company

also in Spanish
changed 17.02.12, 18:20

We are looking for a name for a start-up software company in Barcelona, Spain. Our company develops software modules for e-commerce solutions and also specific software to be used on web servers (cloud computing).

Our target market is global so the name must sound well in English and Spanish.

One name we like is eboxes. Represents our goal of create independent software modules. (each module would represent a small box for us). But eboxes.com is not available and it is imperative to be a ...

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Project No. 6424 from:

amasnou Spain

Finding a name
Completed06.03.12, 17:00
150 € Not guaranteed!
112 designs from 18 designers

Project will have no winner

Client amasnou: “I won't buy any design, because...”

 Ninguno de los nombres nos ha gustado especialmente. Quizá por el briefing demasiado concreto, però casi todas las propuestas eran muy similares y poco innovadoras.

Para este proyecto no se han cumplido nuestras expectativas, repito que quizá el problema viene porqué el briefing no era correcto. Esperábamos nombres mas innovadores, mas frescos,...

De todas formas 12designer es una gran idea i pensamos volver a utilizarla para crear el logo cuando tengamos nombre!