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Elegantes Produktdesign für Hasen Keramik-Figur

also in German
changed 01.09.11, 13:41

We are looking for a new exclusive design idea for a rabbit/bunny figurine.
The figurine should be very elegant, modern and minimalistic to comply with the style idea of modern living.

It would be great to have a 3D render but also hand drawings are good for us.
The rabbit should be in white color without too many details.

An approximate idea is the shape of a bowling cone without feet. (see pic attached!)

Please do not send any cheesy retro designs.

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Project No. 4942 from:

gogogoairheart Germany

Completed01.10.11, 12:03
250 € Not guaranteed!
21 designs from 9 designers

Project will have no winner

Client gogogoairheart: “I won't buy any design, because...”

 keiner der Entwürfe ausreichend unserer Idee des finalen Designs entspricht. Wir haben lange hin und her überlegt uns letztendlich aber gegen die eingereichten Entwürfe entschieden.
Vielen Dank für die investierte Zeit und die trotzdem interessanten Ideen.