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Logo refresh

Industry: IT Consulting / IT Security

also in German

The company eSeCo GmbH & Co. KG has been founded in 2002. This year we plan a company refresh and we are looking for a new logo which must be fresh and have an innovative look.

As you can see from the attached old logo, we had added the slogan "electronic security concept". We'd like to replace it with a new one "eSecureCommunication".

Blue is our favorite color, but you don't have to use the exact same color tones like you see in our current ones. You are free to choose other blue ...

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Project No. 3151 from:

uc_sec Germany

Completed14.02.11, 14:08
300 € Not guaranteed!
46 designs from 11 designers

Project will have no winner

Client uc_sec: “I won't buy any design, because...”


thanks a lot for your submission. Unfortunately there is no winner. Some logos have some potential, some logos are bad trials. But as we all know, everyone's taste is different. But it's not only about personal taste. It is about what design and graphics professionals think and advise. We have discussed internally with our team and also with an external consultant. At the end we came to the conclusion that none of the logos suits our needs. Probably we have to re-do the contest, but this time go for a much higher price tag and make it a close competition where no one can see the other's drafts.

Thanks to all for participating, but we have to try again.

Best regards