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Name einer Unternehmensberatung

Industry: Unternehmensberatung

also in German
changed 22.06.10, 11:24

It should be the name "Nenner" present in it.
The "Nenner" must in the end, and thus be seen as a fraction bar in the logo is!

The consultancy specializes in the generation of ideas of different services!
We develop ideas that can be implemented immediately.

In addition, we are looking internationally for many other ideas and make these available to our customers!

The customers of our customers play a huge role!

The company name should be a fantasy name, he must however have ...

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Project No. 1434 from:

Nenner Germany

Finding a name
Completed25.06.10, 09:57
150 € Not guaranteed!
125 designs from 12 designers

Project will have no winner

Client Nenner: “I won't buy any design, because...”

 ... ich mir andere Vorschläge erhofft habe. Eventuell lag es auch an einer unglücklichen Ausdrucksweise, meinerseits. Vielen Dank für die ganzen Vorschläge!