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rebajas / venta especial

Industry: YUSTY, SA

also in Spanish
changed 14.05.10, 10:36

We want to make a flyer for a físical mailing in order to communicate to our clients the beginning of our spring/ summer sales, that will start the xxx of YYYY, and that the person that receives the mailing will have the sales period 2 days before.
You can use all the material that you can download in our last project called "family and friends", also with 12designer:
were you can download our logo, our brands, and some photos

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Project No. 1218 from:

danielgye Spain

Completed25.05.10, 12:33
250 € Guaranteed!
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The designer XSthesign has added:

 the selection of the brands shown is to discuss later with Yusty, as well as the possibility of inserting a code for the purchases (in case of online shopping).
I think filling the front with too many logos would make the result weaker. If necessary, the back of the card could be used with a complete list of the brands available in Yusty stores. :-)