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Naming made easy

31400 creatives ready to take part in your company or product naming competition

It’s dynamic: quick results

Need a name for your company or product? You’ll receive your first naming proposals within a couple of hours - guaranteed! You can then provide feedback to the proposed designs and state what you do and don't like.

It’s cost-effective: you set the budget

Work out an appropriate budget for naming project: define your prize and aquire the full rights to the use of the name. Minimum prize is €200 but we recommend €200-€1000. Need further advice? Contact us here.

It’s safe: money back guarantee

We trust our creative community so much that if you’re not satisfied with your naming project you’ll get your money back.

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 It was a lot of fun seeing so many good ideas :-)

jens-it, client

Brand name for IT consulting firm
150€ guaranteed, 152 proposals from 25 creatives

 Thx for your brillants ideas, lots of you got the spirit of the brand.

yan, client

Babies and children swimwear brand name
150€ guaranteed, 438 proposals from 76 creatives

 We are overwhelmed by the large response to our project.

mobile_melting, client

Name for website/service
200€ guaranteed, 230 proposals from 48 creatives

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Register at 12designer (It’s really fast - promised!)

Create your naming project:

click on the “New Project” tab, select our “Naming” category. Fill out the brief (to explain your naming needs) and set the project prize amount and how long you want the contest to last.

Provide feedback on the names proposed:

rate and comment on the submitted naming proposals. This information exchange between users improves overall quality of your naming submissions.

Choose the best name:

once you choose your winning proposal you acquire full rights of use once payment has been transferred to the designer.
Start your naming contest

Finding a name: the most frequently asked questions

How do you name a business at 12designer? How does it work? Find here the answers to get the best company name:

How much does a naming contest cost?

At 12designer, you’re able to set the price of your naming project, starting from a 200€ minimum price. If you want to keep your creatives motivated and receive a huge amount of submissions, we recommend you to set a prize between 200€ and 1000€ for your company name. To launch your creative naming contest, a publishing fee of 32 € will be requested. You could choose the project type 12plus for your naming competition, with different options. We always recommend choosing the the private option for a naming contest, because this will protect the naming ideas for your company. This combined option is an affordable option to ensure the best results in your naming project.

For how long runs a naming contest normally at 12designer?

In general, when you’re finding a name our community reacts fast. You’re able to set the length of your naming contest from 3 up to 30 days to get the right name, and if you still need some time to find the perfect name, you can extend the project for seven extra days. Nevertheless, creatives are really quick when finding a name for your business, so we recommend you to set your project for around a week.

If you fall in love with a name before the project ends, you can always choose it as winner whenever you want to, and therefore closing your project automatically.

Which rights of your business name are you getting?

When you find your next company’s name at 12designer, you’ll get non-time-limited, regionally unrestricted and irrevocable rights of use of the naming idea, after payment has been effectively received. Nevertheless, you still have to check if there’s any possibility that a third person has some rights e.g. regarding a trademark registration.

What if you don’t like any naming proposal?

If you don’t like any naming idea, you don’t have to buy anyone. When posting your project, you are free to decide if you want to guarantee your naming project and therefore buy at least an idea, or just publish the project without compromising yourself.

If you’re not happy with the submitted ideas for your company’s name, you’ll receive your publishing fee back.

What should be written in the creative brief, in order to obtain ideas for a good business name?

A creative brief for a business name has to provide as much information as possible about you and your company. Which is your branch? Which target group are you addressing to? How many competitors do you have, what do they do, what differences your company from theirs?

If you already have a slight idea about your naming, describe as much as you can to the creatives. Should it be a fictional name, or a descriptive name? A product name? It has to be short, a contraction of a longer name? One or two words?

If don’t have a strong idea about your business name, no problem! Just benefit from our community’s great input and let them think out which could be the best idea for your company name. In a standard naming project, the 100+ proposals mark is often exceeded.