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Frequently asked questions

What is a proposal and which format shall it have?

Proposals are design proposals, which are submitted to projects by creatives. The design must be always to briefing and client's advices oriented. A proposal may only be upoloaded if the designer has all rights of use, and he's able and willing to sell them.

The following file formats are permitted: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF and SWF, with a maximum size of 5 MB and a maximum resolution of 2000 x 2000 pixels. For sound- and multimedia projects MP3 und MPG4 files up to 20 MB can be permitted. If your proposal is chosen, you will be allowed to upload your final proposal in any format and in a size up to 200 MB.

Who can submit proposals?

In principle everyone - everyone who is signed up with 12designer and accepts the 12designer terms and conditions, can submit a proposal.

12plus projects allow unrestricted participation, and 12premium projects are restricted just to a certain amount of creatives: the best.

How do I submit a proposal?

In the "Project overview" section you will find the link "submit proposal" on the right hand side column. You must then give a short description before uploading the finished proposal. The client is informed with every new submission.

How many proposals can I submit?

You can submit as many proposals as you wish within the project "run" period. However, you must take into account that each of your proposals submitted may need revising after feedback from the client.

Who can see my submitted proposals?

All proposals, apart from those submitted to the private project type, will be visible by all who visit the 12designer site. Only the client is permitted to view all proposals submitted to his/her private project, if restricted visibility option has been chosen.

Can proposals be withdrawn from a project?

Creatives can withdraw their proposals at any time during the "run" time of the project. Of course your proposal will no longer have the chance to win the project! To withdraw a proposal, you must click on the appropriate link in the "proposal details area" on the right hand side of the page.

What happens to the proposals which are not selected?

Proposals which are not selected by the client can be used as the creative so wishes. Creatives may want to keep them as an example of their work or reuse them at a later date when considering a similar project brief. The clients may not use the proposals which they have not selected and bought.

How can I proof my Naming idea?

Please bear in mind that you may proof if your Naming proposal is not already taken, or it's too similar to any other existing name:

OHIM, European Union agency responsible for registering trade marks and designs that are valid in all 27 countries of the EU.

Of course, you may also use search engines as Google to verify that your proposal is not already in use ;-)
Also remember that a client may not only need a name, but a domain too. Please verify that too, for example here.