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Frequently asked questions

What is a 12designer project?

A project as a creative contest with a brief specified by a client. The brief usually consists of designing a logo, webpage, naming a product or company, or a print layout.

There are 2 different types of project: 12plus and 12premium. These project types differ by number of creatives allowed to participate and their experience level.

Each project has a limited duration, in which designers must submit their designs. The duration, specified by the client, can lay between 3 and 30 days.

What happens when a project is created?

The client creates a project directly online. It will be marked as "to be checked" until 12designer verifies it. As soon as address, telephone number and possible brief’s misleading points are checked, project will be publicly proofed.

12designer always tries to check projects as soon as possible, nevertheless at weekends this process could be slower than usual.

What is a 12plus project?more graphics and designs

For projects of the 12plus type there is no limit on the number of designers allowed to participate. As a client you can expect a greater variety of submissions and therefore a wider creative range to choose from.

This project is subject to a 32 € net fee, plus VAT taxes if applicable.

Submissions to a 12plus project can be viewed by all users unless you combine it with the private project. This option costs 18 € and the marketing option has a fee of 24 €.

What is a private project?create, design, contest

In a private project may only take part and see full information all those creatives that accept a non disclosure agreement, and project will not be found with search engines. Client can choose, if participating creatives are only allowed to see their own proposals or if they may see submissions from other creatives too. There is no limit of creatives allowed to participate on the project. The private option is only available for the 12plus and 12premium projects.

A private project is ideally suited for projects which need to be protected against access from third parties and for clients wanting maximum control over the project.

What is a 12premium project?create, design, contest

A premium project is a project type created to ensure the maximum quality. Each creative has a "seniority" level at 12designer, indicating his/her experience level within the platform.

These statuses (Newbie, Junior, Promise, Senior and Expert) are intended to rank the creatives, and therefore, to specify which creatives shall take part in a 12premium project: only the Senior and Expert levels. Therefore, category's minimum prizes have to be at least doubled when publishing the project.

To reach only 12designer’s most experienced creatives, a fee of 72.00 € will be payable. The additional options private modus costs 18 € and the marketing option costs 24 €.

What is a guaranteed purchase?

Clients have the possibility of starting a project with the option ´guaranteed purchase´. The client thereby commits himself to buy one of the submitted designs. This can greatly increase the number of participating designers and therefore their submissions. The purchase guarantee is binding and can not be revoked.

Important Remark: The guaranteed project buying bond may be cancelled with a participation under 5 designers. Aswell, it may be cancelled too, if client feels a considerable lack of quality in the presented designs, or if briefing has not been fulfilled, and only if this feeling can be stated by the 12designer Team.

What is a brief?

A brief describes the creative task of the project - the concepts, aims and characteristics that client is looking for. With the brief, designers know what is expected and what particularities are to be paid attention to. With a specific and informative brief, the submissions will be more precise, useful and therefore closer to what the client wants.

You may find specific examples in currently running projects.

What should a brief include?

The most important information is extracted in our brief entry form. However, you may also upload an existing brief of your own.

Below are examples of what to include in your brief:

Every additional information will help the designers deliver exactly what the client wants. It is also an advantage to give examples of existing designs, which have the look and feel the client is after. If you wish to submit a project, you can use our brief model.

How many languages should my briefing be translated into?

With the briefing in your native language you can reach all designers who have chosen that language in the portal. Would you also like to speak to designers in other languages? Simply provide an additional briefing in English.

Who determines the project prize money?

The prize money for a project is specified by the client and should reflect the amount of time expected for the work. Of course the higher the prize is, the more motivated the creatives will be! ;-)

How much should the project prize money be?

There is no fixed rule: it can vary between 100 and 10,000€! But you should carefully consider choosing a prize amount that makes your project attractive to creatives. The higher the prize, the more appealing your project will be and the more motivated the creatives will come to it.

The following guide offers you a rough estimate for the project prize money amount:

*From the smallest project to the most complex design project, our prize money suggestions will of course not do them complete justice. They should, rather, act as an indicator for your orientation, so that clients and creatives can come together in agreement.

Is the project prize net?

Yes, the prize is a net prize, and contains no value added tax.

How long should a project run?

We recommend a run-time of at least one week, however, for more extensive projects you should be looking at a run-time of 20 to 30 days.

Do you check briefs?

12designer looks through all briefs of 12premium projects, and in case of a lack of information, we'll get in touch with the client and ask him/her to complete his/her brief.

When can I expect the first results?

Generally one can expect smaller, simpler projects to receive design submissions quicker. The first design submissions can take three or more days. So don't panic if at the start of a project there are no submissions.

Creativity, after all, needs time, and the designers in the end will want to convince you and win the project. Designers will also want to complete the project to high standard before submitting their designs and so submissions will tend to increase towards the end of the project duration. After the initial feedbacks are received the design process will speed up. If no designs are received for a project we would advise the client to take a another look at their brief and the project prize amount...

May I find a name for a company at 12designer?

Of course ;) We've collected some hints that will be useful for a company or product naming project.

7 hints for Naming projects

What is Prepaid?

At Prepaid projects, 12designer takes the project's prize from the client when starting a project, keeps the money safe and transfers the amount to the chosen creative after election and client's release of payment

Prepaid advantages:

12designer deducts a handling fee from the creative for this services.