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Creativity through variety

12designer offers clients and creatives an innovative solution to for creative collaboration. Save time, pay less for a great design—and have fun!

How it works

Why use 12designer?

The new way to collaborate

Do you need a logo, flyer, business card, letterhead, infographic, sticker, poster, web page, illustration, banner … or something else entirely? At 12designer, more than 31400 creatives compete to give you the perfect design.

Fast projects, fast payment

Contests are time-limited, and we transfer the payment to the winning designer. As a client you receive your invoice when starting your contest. Don't worry, if you don't find a design you love, just use our 100% money back guarantee. It's the simple, fast and cost-effective way to get great design!

A creative solution to your design problem

It's free to register as a client with 12designer, and since you choose the project prize, you can work to your own budget. When you hit on a winning design, and pay your prize, you'll receive full copyright to use that work. And if you're not happy with any designs, you don't need to award your prize. Attract more designers—and better designs—by guaranteeing your prize on 12plus and 12premium projects.
A 12plus project has unlimited creative participation and costs 32 €. A 12premium project is restricted to our most experienced creatives and costs 72 €. Get even more attention for your contest with a promotional upgrade for 24 €.

More creatives, more proposals, more ideas

On 12designer, you can give open feedback to our creative community, which improves the quality of the designs you'll see. But designers can also help you hone your brief, which means you'll get more designs that meet your specific needs.