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Flyer design made easy

30500 creatives, ready to take part in your flyer design competition

It’s dynamic: quick results

Make a flyer with us: you’ll receive your first flyer design proposals within a couple of hours - guaranteed! You can then provide feedback on the proposed designs and state what you do and don't like.

It’s cost-effective: you set the budget

Work out a reasonable budget for your flyer design project, define your prize and acquire the full rights to the use of design. Minimum prize is €150, but €250-€1000 is recommended. Need further advice? Contact us here.

It’s safe: money back guarantee

We trust our creative community so much that if you’re not satisfied with your flyer design project you’ll get your money back.

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Professional flyers: take a look at some of our previous winners

Brochure for solar energy company
Postbank Happy Hour flyer design
Poster design for Rock im Read
Flyer design for specialized spices shop
Beachsoccer championship poster design
350€ guaranteed!
31 proposals from 11 designers for a real FIFA beachsoccer championship. Seriousness and fresh air, all in one!
Designer: Anchora

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Create your flyer project:

click on the “New Project” tab, select our “Flyer, card, poster” category. Fill out the brief (to explain your design needs) and set the project prize amount and how long should it last.

Provide feedback during the competition:

rate and comment on the submitted flyer designs. This information exchange between users improves the overall quality of your flyer proposals.

Choose the best flyer design:

after choosing your winning proposal you acquire full rights of use once payment has been transferred to the designer.
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Flyer design: the most frequently asked questions

You need a brochure design, but you have questions regarding how to create a flyer at 12designer? We explain you how to get your flyer design done:

How expensive is a flyer design?

The minimum prize for a flyer at 12designer is 150 €. Nevertheless, for a brochure development we always recommend a starting prize from 250 € up to 1000 €, depending on the extension, pagination and creative and copywriting needs. For a flyer design contest, you’re requested to pay a publishing fee to 12designer, which starts at 32 €.

For how long runs a design contest normally at 12designer?

You could set the extension of the project from 3 to 30 days. We normally recommend planning that a flyer contest needs between 10 and 15 days to reach its best results. That is enough time for the designers: they’ll be able to have ideas and to submit them within this time frame. If you find a great flyer design before the project ends, you could choose it as winner at every moment, therefore ending your project. Or: if you’re reaching the deadline and you still need a couple of days to have a clearer point of view, you could extend the project deadline for 7 days more.

Which rights do you receive from the flyer submission?

When you buy a flyer proposal from a 12designer creative, you’ll get its exclusive, transferable, non-time-limited, regionally unrestricted and irrevocable rights of use, after payment has been effectively received. The transferring of the rights of use is regulated through 12designer’s Terms & Conditions.

What if you don’t find the flyer design you’re looking for?

If you don’t like any of the design submissions, you don’t have to buy necessarily one. Before and during your project, you can choose to guarantee your project or not. If you’re not happy with the flyer proposals at the project’s end, you’ll receive the publishing fee from your flyer design contest back.

In which file format has to be the flyer design delivered?

You have to tell the designer from the very first moment that you’ll need an open flyer design file, to ensure the possibility of executing slight changes to the design in a future. Therefore, a format like .ai (Adobe Illustrator) would make sense. It is also a good idea to ask for a high-resolution printable format, such as .pdf.

What do I have to include in the creative brief, in order to get a professional flyer design?

You should write down in your creative brief as much information as possible about your company and your expectations regarding your next flyer.

Which is your branch? Which target group are you addressing to? How many competitors do you have, what do they do, what differences your company from theirs?

If you already have a slight idea about your next flyer, describe as much as you can how should your company’s flyer be. And let the designers implement your idea in a graphic language. Nevertheless, would be a great help fort he designers if you could attach the text included in that future flyer, as it would be to share your photographic material. If you don’t have any pictures already, allow creatives to research in different image banks to find the best match for your flyer. Do you have a corporate logo? Should it be part of your brochure design? Then would be wise to upload it in a vector format, i.E. in an .eps format.

If don’t have a clear idea about your future flyer, a wise decision is to leave the creative work in the designer’s hands. So will you reach a wide diversity of ideas and you’ll receive many different flyer design proposals, making it easier for you to choose a winner.